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Sharing in the future of Hawkesbury

New to Hawkesbury? Why not share in the future of the village by buying shares in your local shop? Why not buy a share as a Christmas gift for those tricky family members? Or how about topping-up your current shareholding to help us make further improvements?

Shares cost £50 each and are available to purchase by anyone aged 18 or over. Tax relief can be claimed on your share purchase if you are an eligible tax-payer.

Download the share prospectus for all the information you need about buying and owning shares in Hawkesbury Stores.

Just want the share application form? Find it here (but make sure you’ve read the T&Cs in the prospectus).

Why do we sell shares?

The generosity of our early shareholders enabled us to buy the property, stock and run the shop. Since then, with grant support, the shop has been refurbished, equipment has been updated, sales have grown and hundreds of new products have been brought in.

Continuing to sell shares helps us to raise new capital for further improvements. For instance, we want to refurbish the shopfront – making access easier for disabled people and parents with young children, as well as improving our energy efficiency and security. It is also important that we maintain and increase our shareholder base for our future sustainability.

Why become a shareholder?

Buying shares in the Stores is a social investment, helping to secure the future of Hawkesbury as a thriving village. We aim to pay modest annual interest to shareholders if profits allow.

The shareholders elect the members of the Management Group (who must also be shareholders) and vote on timely and important decisions at the Annual General Meeting held in September each year. Each named shareholder has one vote – no matter how many shares they own.

We are very grateful to all our shareholders for their support, and do our best to keep them up to date and well informed about the Stores’ progress and news.

Hawkesbury Stores’ first share offer

As a result of the Save Our Shop campaign in Spring 2016, around 300 individuals from over half of households in Hawkesbury parish (and a few from further afield) bought shares in our proposed community-owned shop.

You can download the original share prospectus here.





Countryside Alliance Awards - South West Village Shop Champion!
Fresh fish

Fresh fish

From haddock to hake, on Wednesdays you can now buy fresh fish in the village from ‘John’s Fresh Grimsby Fish’ at Hawkesbury Stores.

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Hawkesbury Stores

High Street,
Hawkesbury Upton,
Badminton, GL9 1AU