This month we have been welcoming back some of our shielding volunteers, after what has seemed a very long four months. It is so nice to see our regulars back again.

If any volunteers feel they need any ‘returning training’, please just ask for help from the regular shop assistants. It will come back to you quite quickly – not that much has changed!

A Special Thank you to Fiona Webb

Although all our volunteers are wonderful, we’d like to give a special mention now to Fiona Webb, Hawkesbury Stores Volunteer Co-ordinator, who has done extraordinarily well to fill an increased number of volunteer positions in the shop – upstairs order-takers, end-of-day sanitisers and cleaners, as well as till and shop-floor workers. She has also kept all volunteers updated weekly about new Covid-19 initiatives, replacement chillers, stock issues, and new procedures to be followed. All the volunteers appreciate her hard work.

If you’d like to become a volunteer, just email, and Fiona will get in touch with you to tell you more about it. New volunteers are always welcome!